Our School

Mission Statement

Arrowhead Elementary School, in partnership with family and community, will provide students with engaging and diverse learning opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment, enabling them to become life-long learners.


Arrowhead Elementary, located in the Kempsville area, is a success story that began fifty years ago when the school opened in 1964, just a year after the City of Virginia Beach was created. The doors opened to 952 children, grades 1 - 7, making Arrowhead the largest elementary school in Virginia Beach built at a cost of one half a million dollars.

The school quickly became a vital part of the community, establishing itself not only as a leader in education but as a center for community activities. In 1964 Arrowhead also opened its doors to the community as a Friday night recreation center for children. The Block Mother Program originated with Arrowhead parents that same year. In November, 2004, after a two year construction period, Arrowhead moved into a totally new facility located on the same grounds as the former building. The new building is larger and is recognized for its state of the art technology and its warm, friendly atmosphere.

To understand the neighborhood concept, one need only to ride down Susquehanna Drive on a PTA night and see families walking together to the meeting. Families are involved in the education of their children. Strong educational leadership, a caring community and involved parents all contribute to the quality of education at Arrowhead.